A Data Rescue Mission

On a quest to recover old hard-copy questionnaire data, I visited one of the University’s storage sites: Lord’s Bridge. Originally built as a military depot for filling mustard gas bombs in WWII, Lord’s Bridge turned out to be a fascinating place… continue reading

Neuroscientist | Violinmaker

At the age of four, I decided I’d grow up to be a neuroscientist. Twenty years later, I chose a strikingly different path. How life events and fortunate coincidences may shape your future… CONTINUE READING

Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-based medicine means that you may expect your doctor to recommend the treatment that has proven most effective and safe for patients like you. So what if there is very little evidence to rely on? … CONTINUE READING

Decision In Progress

Personally, I do quick-and-dirty decision-making. You won’t find me tiptoeing in a dressing room, trying to decide whether or not to buy that pretty-but-slightly-expensive dress. This is probably why I am quite unlikely to ever become editor of a scientific journal… CONTINUE READING